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About Good Shepherd Mission

Bible Lessons

Founded in 1983

Serving Huntsville, Texas

The Good Shepherd Mission has been sheltering individuals and families since 1983 as a faith based ministry. The primary buildings built in 1988 are being refurbished and continue to be utilized.  This includes the living quarters, dining room, offices, kitchen, food-bank and thrift stores. Our most recent facilities include a newly renovated building with four family units of four hundred and fifty square feet each as well as counseling offices and a conference room. Developments and facility improvements are made possible by grants and generous donations.

Although we are a faith based ministry, we serve people from all walks of life without discrimination to race, creed, or country of origin. The Good Shepherd Mission offers resources for basic human needs and has outlets for families and individuals who wish to be involved in organized religious activities or fellowship. Our staff works diligently to ensure that consumers and lodgers of Good Shepherd Mission are safe from harassment and discrimination. We strive to be a safe environment and trusted resource in our community.

Our Philosophy

The Good Shepherd Mission is a faith based 501C3 Organization.  We are Christ centered and ecumenical.  We rely upon individual donations, businesses’ support, area churches, civic organizations, and grants. We are an essential service provider in Texas.  We collaborate with many other charities and and churches.  We are non-political.  GSM does have annual audits via local CPA and renders a 9-90 that is public information. 

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